Lemons to be exported from Argentina to Mexico for the first time in history

After several years of negotiations, agreement was reached; Sales could reach US $12 million

It was only a matter of time and only a few details were missing. Argentina already has a free way to export lemons to Mexico, for the first time in history, after the sanitary and food safety agencies of both countries agreed the phytosanitary requirements for the opening of the new market.
According to the Ministry of Agroindustry informed yesterday through a press release, the agreement demanded several years of negotiations. Mexico’s own president, Enrique Peña Nieto, visited the country in July last year, in what was a further step in the advance to reach an agreement.

“We began to see the results of the international efforts that we have been carrying out with different business partners since we took over the government, which are extremely significant for the sectors of the regional economies, in this case of the Argentine northwest,” said Minister Ricardo Buryaile.
The official stressed that the topic was from the beginning on the agenda with Mexico, and what will be sought from now on is the entry of other products of Argentine commercial interest to that market, such as sweet citrus, cherries, blueberries, wheat, Beef and semen and bovine embryos.

The effective opening of the market occurs almost at the end of the current production campaign, so it is expected to be able to export to full from next year, although there is still the possibility that there will be some shipments this season, depending on the availability of Fruit and commercial contracts to be held from here onwards.
In that sense, the National Service of Sanitation and Agrifood Quality (Senasa) clarified that four national packing companies are already registered, and that the National Service of Health, Safety and Agrifood Quality of Mexico (Senasica) is expected to complete the registration of the Other plants at an upcoming inspection visit to Argentina.

Private sector sources estimated that Argentina could start selling about 10,000 tons of lemon to Mexico. In cash, that would mean sales of $ 12 million.

According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Mexico produced 2.27 million tons of lime and lemon last year. The country is a strong lime producer. It is estimated that of that figure only 10% corresponds to lemon. In addition to producing little lemon, it also imports from California, in the United States. “It’s a market to go to develop,” they told the private sector about Mexico, where countertrade exports could be made.

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