The price of milk

The liter in Argentina costs U $ S 1,55, only surpassed in Canada (1,86). Taxes and logistic cost, causes.

According to a report from the Center of Storage, Self-Service and Retail Merchants of Cordoba, the price of milk in Argentina is the second most expensive in the world. The study was made between 36 countries: the consumer here costs $ 1.55 a liter, a value that only exceeds Canada, with 1.86.

The report describes that there was a historical value of selling to the public, according to the international average, of a dollar a liter, while the price paid to the producer had a “standard” of 30 cents. “This year the price broke that average to be 55 cents above.”

For the Center, the price of milk in the domestic market is “out of phase and unbalanced” with respect to the international market, “causing a sharp decrease in its consumption and the increase of its derivatives”.

The top ten places are for Canada, Argentina, Puerto Rico (1.52 dollars), Israel (1.50), Qatar (1.47), Switzerland (1.45), Australia and Panama (1.40) And Costa Rica (1.30). The cheapest countries are Germany (75 cents), Egypt (70) and India (65).

Alejandro Leveratto, vice president of the Chamber of Dairy Producers of Cordoba, explained that no one “never had the political will to make the prices of the chain transparent.”

The cost of production varies by multiple factors. “The values ​​are diverse, the average is misleading,” he said. In June the producers charged between 5.45 and 5.70 pesos per liter.

“When we started this management we were worse,” he continued, “because they updated corn and soybean prices, but not ours. Today with more favorable values ​​complicates what we have been dragging.” In his view, the policy can not be “let the market act” because the only “stable and profitable” is the domestic and adjusts “destroying production so that there is no oversupply.”

From the Center for the Dairy Industry (CIL), which brings together large companies, its president, Miguel Paulon, pointed out that from the factory to the point of sale, the tax and logistics costs are high: “The industry arrives There is obviously an aggregate of the commercial chain that varies according to the type of product, the ones with the highest turnover have less margin, but the incidence in general is significant in terms of Which the consumer pays. ”

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